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We truly believe that we install the best fitting liners. We are so confident in our manufacturer that we ONLY sell Kayden Liners.​ 

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See more about the pool liner replacement process below.  

What is the process?

After deciding to use Island Liners to replace your pool liner, a few things happen from there.
  1. Choose Your Pattern
    Check out our Liner Pattern Page for all current patterns. Want to know a secret? We love Tan and Grey patterns the most because of the way the water looks after filling, but most people go dark blue.
  2. Measurement
    If you have already chose your pattern and spoke with our office, you'll have a scheduled measure date. We need to fully measure your pool to have a custom liner manufactured just for you. Only a few employees at Island Liners are trained to measure your pool for a new liner. This ensures a proper fit every time.
  3. Water Removal
    The water is removed from your pool with pumps in order to begin replacing the liner. Depending on the pool we drain it a day or two prior to your installation date, or the same day. *(Never drain your pool without checking with us first. Some pools are located in areas with high water tables and need special attention.)
  4. Remove Old Liner
    Now we cut out the old liner and bag it up and set it neatly at the curb. We know sometimes its not that easy. Lots of leaves? Liner is torn and no water? Sand washed away? No Problem
  5. Prepare for Install
    A lot is happening now! Its all in the prep! All the prep work on the pool bottom, walls, steps and inlets and outlets is the majority of the job. We trowel sand bottoms to a smooth finish, patch hard bottom pools, install foam when needed and prep skimmers, returns and drains with new gaskets.
  6. Liner Installed
    Your new custom pool liner is installed into the track at the top of your pool. Steps and drains are finished up and we start the water! Keep an eye on the water level and be sure to fill it up to the level indicated by your installer. (Usually halfway)
  7. 2nd Trip
    Once you get the water up to the right level in the pool, please call us so we can return. All your new gaskets and faceplates are installed, vacuum removed from the pool wall and we start the water back in your pool for your final fill! You'll be swimming soon!
  8. Balance H2O
    Some homeowners choose to balance the water themselves and some ask us. All we ask is that you do! Its so important!
  9. Warranty
    We know that unexpected things happen in life. We can't cover you for every one, but we do have your new liner covered. Your new Kayden Liner is covered by a 25 Year, 2 year full, prorated warranty. We do 1 better. We cover your water bill, chemicals and labor if you should need that warranty in the first 2 years.
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